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The information collected is confidential and used to create an aggregate of our member schools. This data is used to better meet the needs of our members and is a factor in decisions regarding member benefits, event planning, educational resources offered and member pricing.

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Once you have completed this membership registration form, you will be prompted to set-up your company location(s) and choose if you would like the location(s) displayed in the US Swim School Association member database. The member database is displayed on our Public Website: and helps the general public locate a swim school in their area.

Indicate the total number of locations you would like listed. The first location is included with your membership; additional locations are $65 each for the year or $5.42/month if you have selected a monthly instalment Membership option.

Example: 1 listed location = Included with membership

2 listed locations = $65 dollars annually or $5.42 monthly

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